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24k Gold and Concrete Candle Holders

Hand made concrete candle holders with 24k gold leaf accent. Each set comes with 4 custom votives and 2 taper holders. They are beautifully packed in a wooden crate making them a perfect gift.

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FLÎKR Fireplace

FLÎKR Fire was born out of the desire for a simple indoor fireplace that could operate on clean burning rubbing alcohol. With no soot on the ceiling or carbon monoxide (in a well-ventilated space) feel free to use this as an accent piece anywhere in and around your home!

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Hand Rolled Incense

Beautiful glass jars filled with hand-rolled incense and a Selenite stick for cleansing your home. No unhealthy fillers or chemicals only organic resins and plants to fill your home with amazing scent and cleansing. Each jar is topped with a unique natural precious stone.

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